Sunday, March 23, 2008

And, Happy Easter!

Despite all the excitement at the restaurant this weekend (see post below). We did have a fabulous Easter today. We were lucky to be able to celebrate with Brenda and her family - thank you Brenda! The kids a great time eating, playing, hunting easter eggs, and taking pictures. Here is our family picture for you to enjoy.

Weekend Burglery Attempts

Well we were the unfortunate victims of not one but two burglery attempts this weekend at the restaurant. Saturday morning someone tried to break our side door (first by cutting the glass in a circle and then etching the X inside the duct tape). They were able to cut the metal door jam and pull the door open. Of course that sounded the alarm so they did not try to enter the building. I spent Saturday morning from 5:30 am until 9:30 am in my pajamas (yes, had to give my report to the police in my unbrushed, unwashed, pajama best) since once I was at the restaurant I couldn't leave - the door would not close.

Spent over $900 to get the door glass replaced on Saturday and the door jam bent back to be able to close the door (will be repaired later in the week). So since the door jam was bent out of place, we were not surprised that the alarm sounded two times Sunday morning because their was give between the door and the door jam. When the morning paper was delivered, it set the alarm off. Then later in the morning we assumed the heavy winds bounced the door or perhaps a customer attempting to enter.

But we were wrong. The window right next to my NEW door had been smashed in. The losers even redamaged my NEW door! They also bent the door frame above the door so now the landlord has to see what he has to do to fix the structure of the building.

We thought it was only us who was being targeted. But the restaurant/bar down the street was hit mid-day today. The cops at least saw the guy drive off, but did not catch him. I so hope they find the creep(s) soon!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Late St Patrick's Day

Well we are only a few days late in wishing everyone Happy St Patrick's Day. But I needed a great reason to show off out dd AH with her crown made in school on Monday and our new Restaurant shirts!