Monday, January 18, 2010

AA's 5 Year Gottcha Day 1/13/10

So last Wednesday was AA's 5 year gottcha day - the day a judge approved our adoption. 5 years has flown by so fast. We did not get to celebrate until last night - at TGIF's - the one place we were able to eat while in Russia.

I watched airport video with AA the night before the 5 year mark. I love how he fits right into the luggage carrier. Thank goodness he is bigger now!! The second video is of him walking. He was 19 months old, but had only started walking. These videos will be 5 years old on January 21st.

And where is AH? Well you can see her in the first video - 5 months in utero.

We Are Still Here

Wow - can you believe the last time I posted to the blog was May of 2008?? I guess we live busy lives!
What is new with us? We sold the restaurant in November 2008. We moved in February 2009 - just a few miles down the road. The kids must have grown another foot since May 2008. Here is a current family picture - friends from Facebook will recognize it.
My goal is to communicate better through this blog. Let us know what you think:)